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warning: graphic images of 9/11 under cut

this is not an attack on red velvet themself whatsoever—i doubt they had a hand in the editing of this video and thus please do not blame them for the things mentioned in this post! instead, please blame sm!

the images are under the cut as theyre rather big, but (basically) red velvets music video contains images from both world war 2 and 9/11 used in a “comical” and extremely disrespectful manner

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Here over the rainbow

Author’s note: This fic ends up with Henber, but it’s not really about Henber. So Henber shippers, brace yourself. Haha.

And this story is NOT REAL AT ALL, don’t be confused ;______;


“Wahahahah seriously you look like a llamaaaaaaa~”

There standing next to llama house were a little boy and 2 smaller girls. Despite the tease and his ironic continuous laugh, you could see no frown on 2 similar girls’ face. Grinning evilly, they surrounded the boy, each girl bit an ear of his.


The zoo seemed to suffer an earthquake because of that horrific scream, while two “llamas” in question literally rolled on laughing floor. Our young fellow, after the little heart-attack that he brought to tourists, quickly sat back on his haunches and started punching his two girl friends.

“What the heck did you just do Liu sisters?”

Smirking, Liusis answered as coolly as ever:

“Llama is meant to be hungry, Eden.”

As if he understood what his two fellows said, the llama in the zoo made some weird loud noise, which Amber translated into “YEAH THAT’S LLAMA’S POWER”. Huffing in annoyance, little Eden let Jackie and Amber threw their arms to his neck and dragged him home in hysterical laughter.

8 yearsold, he was bullied by his two devil neighbors, which at that age he considered as an unforgettable shame.


“Hey little llama! What took you so long?”

Eden, 12 yearsold, was waiting for Amber at her gate to go to Karate class together. Running towards him was a tanned 11-year-old girl. Even dressed in her baggy boyish clothes, she still had her long hair tied up in a white bow which was kinda girly. Noticing Eden staring at her conflicting appearance, she murmured something like “Mom’s style” before again found her naughtiness and trapped his neck between her arms.

“So, our manly man, have you found some ways, any way, to win against me today?”

To respond, Eden groaned in the least manly way. Why could he ever consider this annoying creature as his best friend? Did God go insane and put a little too much sarcasm when he made Amber? And last but absolutely not least, how come he always lost against her when it came to karate? HOW???

Never did that question leave his mind until he prepared for the “fight”. His “manhood” couldn’t let him lose again. While Eden was mentally trying to urge his determination, he failed to notice Amber’s unwell expression. To begin the game, two karateists slowly walked around the mat, their eyes were like a lion’s watching its prey. Right at the moment Eden lost his concentration, Amber rushed to him and tried to through him to the ground. But her arms somehow felt too weak to do it. Quickly making use of that chance, Eden wrestled her down. All his body hovered against hers to trap his “rival” for at least 10 seconds (A/N: a condition to win in karate). Hardly had he been this close to her, so close that he could feel her chest up and down in heavy breaths, so close that he finally realized how deep her eyes were and how smooth her skin was. His heartbeat went erratic, his face was flaming hot. He blamed it all for the game.

Eden had been outside the restroom, waiting for Amber for good half an hour. She just needed to change clothes, what took her so long? Eden worriedly looked at the women WC for umpteenth times. He observed his surrounding, “No one around”. Sighing defeatedly, he waddled into the mysterious room, only to be greeted with Amber’s sobs.

“Amber, what happened?” Eden rushed to her cubicle and found her sitting on the floor, face buried in her knees and looked like a mess.

“I…bleed…My pants are permeated by blood…My stomach hurts…” She said between sobs. Eden blushed furiously. This was such a thorny issue; but unfortunately, he knew exactly what it was. Goddamnit what was he supposed to do? Eden really wanted to run to his room and took a cold shower to get out of this embarrassing situation. But what’s about Amber? How could she get out of here with those soaked pants? There was no other choice, so he took off his white karate uniform, threw it to Amber to cover that “bloody part” and walked away, too embarrassed to even look back. Their way back home had never been that silent.

12 yearsold, he kinda saved her life and accidentally witnessed her most memorable moment.


Eden was waiting for Liu sisters at school gate. That was their unpromised promise. It only took him 2 minutes to find Jackie grinning at him. She was in the same grade with him but in a different class. Fifteen minutes had past but they hadn’t caught a glimpse of Amber yet. Eden’s heart was on fire.

At that time, Amber was dragged to school’s backyard by a bunch of short-haired girls. It’s not until they grabbed her hair tightly that she recognized her long hair could be a deathly foible. She had never experienced such deep pain. Each root was like a tiny needle plunging into her head, making all her karate skills useless. Amber always knew she was not popular for her ugly boyish look. What irritated people even more was the fact that Eden cared about her, only about her. His fans’ madness was cruelly unbelievable. She screamed her lung out when feeling knife cutting into her hand and each lock of her hair being pulled off. She felt like dying…

That’s when her knight turned up. He beat up all the bitches with no mercy. His white shirt was used as bandage to cover all the cuts. His warm hug and continuous nonsense comforts were like some magical drug. She felt fuzzy and safe in his broad back; her sobs slowly died down even though the wounds hurt badly.

No one thought that was the last day of her long hair. To answer everyone’s question, she just brushed it off with her smile saying that long hair wasn’t a friend of sports. Only Eden and Jackie knew the real answer. Until now her black long hair is still flowing in his mind.

17 yearsold, he protected her body, but failed to protect her heart.


*Knock knock knock*

Eden was in the kitchen when hearing that cautious knock. To his surprise, the guest was no other than Amber.

“Hey llama! Why do you bother to knock? Come in!”

Hí lips cracked up to a bright smile. She used to be “little llama” but now that Jackie disliked the nickname, she was his only llama. She always literally barged in his house without any warning. Eden knew she was only this cautious when she seriously needed his help.

“Spit it out, dude.” He poked the girl, didn’t even wait for her to say anything. And she wasn’t even a bit surprised.

“So…there is a company called SM which holds an audition for potential idols… You know, my father never approves of me becoming a singer or an artist in general…”

“You need me take you there?” The boy grinned mischievously. He has always been her partner in crime after all.

“Really? Seriously?” She blinded him with her smile before attacking him with a tight hug. Both of them fell onto the couch, which made their faces dangerously near. Eden’s heart suffered that weird flip again. She was too squishy for him to let go, therefore he hugged her even tighter.

“Just stay like this for a bit. I suddenly feel cold”, he said with hoarse voice. Amber snuggled her face to his chest in response like a little cat, which brought butterflies filling his stomach.


Deep in Eden’s heart, he bred a big passion for music. He loved music as much as Amber did; nevertheless, seldom was he brave enough to tell his dream directly to his parents. Eden never once doubted about Amber’s dream. However, he never once thought that Amber could drag him to audition, neither did he think they were all chosen.

Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Amber and Eden were officially SM’s trainees, which meant leaving the USA for Korea, which meant they must find a way to persuade their parents, which meant next to impossible…

…right? With Eden (who was strong and tough and brilliant in adults’ eyes) escorting his daughter, Amber’s father was finally convinced. With Amber (who was caring and gentle and beautiful in Ms. Lau’s eyes) being by Eden’s side, she eventually nodded in agreement.

But yet again, that didn’t make it easier for them to say goodbye.

18 yearsold, he together with Amber made their biggest decision in their whole lives.

Here in Korea was truly another world for both of them. New food (which was kinda different from food in China, their home country), new friends whose language they barely understood, new bunches of rules and regulations that they hardly remembered… They literally struggled to get through all of this, until one fine day they bumped into a sunbae on their way back to dorm.

“Oops, mianhae sunbaenim”, Amber said quickly before scolding Eden with her super fast English “Do you need to push me like that dude?”

“I need to pee llama!!!” He huffed.

They temporarily forgot about the man in front, whose jaw dropped to ground.

“ARE YOU GUYS AMERICAN?????” He kinda shouted his lung out in English, two eyes were as shiny as two stars.

“Wow you are American too??? FANTASTICS!!!” Eden jumped to Henry (the man’s name) in superb joy while Amber was awkwardly hugged between the two boys.

So that was how they knew each other. Like a miracle, they clicked so well in literally everything. Eden played piano, Amber played guitar while Henry mastered both 2 instruments and was a master in violin as a bonus. Amber continuously praised Henry’s talent whenever the trio hung out until she found out that Henry was nothing more than an idiot. He kept dropping his belongings (not his violin case) everywhere. He was a mess when it came to eating. He never took a bath until she forced him to. He was even afraid of insects and roller coaster. And his health was just something that Amber always “mehhhhh” at.

Somehow the trio stuck together like glue. They discovered Seoul together. They tried their hand at tasting Korean spicy food just to run like crazy to whenever they could find water. They tried shopping in a flea market just with hand motions because they couldn’t actually communicate, not to mention bargain in Korean. They spent sleepless night together due to annoying insomnia. They shared their homesick, and their passion in making music.

“Just promise that we will try our best to be top composers, shall we?”

Eden felt lucky that his room was just next to Amber’s. Even when being close to Henry, he still got some personal time with her. He always stood beside her door, waiting for her after long training hours. He was the one to sing lullaby songs and lull her to sleep. He often sneaked out of the dorm in the middle of the night, bought some ingredients in 24-hour grocery to make some Chinese food for her. When she sneaked to his room in middle of the night, he knew she was deathly homesick. He enjoyed the feeling of her head on his shoulder, of his hand intertwining her soft hair, of waking up in the morning and watching her peaceful face sleeping soundly right next to him.

It’s not long after her debut that he realized the strange look of Henry to Amber. Whenever she was mentioned, the Canadian’s face softened. He tended to be more protective and touchy towards the girl. That was when Eden recognized how possessive he had been to Amber, and how deep he had been in love with her. That was also when the weird feelings on his stomach came more and more frequently. Not that flippy feeling when he met or touched Amber. It hurt. Sometimes it hurt him too bad for his liking.

But he tried to ignore that, thinking that was just a normal stomach-ache. His tummy had never been a good buddy of him anyways. Meanwhile, Henry’s more and more obvious feelings towards Amber urged Eden to confess. That day, to celebrate Henry’s birthday, he planned that the trio would go watch a romantic movie. After that, under Henry’s witness, he would propose to her.

By no means did he know that he couldn’t plan either his illness of his fate. The stomach-ache knocked him down right when he prepared to go for Amber. He was somehow sent to a hospital.

So he got a stomach cancer.

His world had never that broken.

He was wrecked to the bone.

Day by day he lived in old happy memories of his family, and his love. The memory floating in his mind was like a rehab to get him through never-ending painful chemotherapy. From this sickbed, his eyes never left the blue sky out there. How long could he enjoy this life? What were Amber and Henry doing out there under seasons in the sun? Amber…he knew she must be crazily finding him whenever possible, even when it meant she had to turn this Seoul upside down. She must be lost. She must hate him to the core. It was okay for him though. Hatred was easier to be forgotten than pain in the heart. She deserved someone alive; someone may not be as good as him, but at least, alive.

He knew he was running out of time.

He could feel each and every part of his inner body on fire. Each of them was eaten by thousands of monsters. They plunged their sharp fangs onto his stomach, his heart, his brain, his bone. His eyes became blurry. He nearly couldn’t see anything, but he saw God above was giving him a hand. Slowly, he reached out…


An angel voice held him back. Amber…his Amber was there. Her face was soaked in tears and dolor. With his last strength, he could only whisper to her:

“Love someone else. Just leave me…Goodbye…I love… you…”

Amber shook her head like crazy. Her whole body trembled.

“No…how could I live without you? You are always my moral support. You are my entire life…How can I leave you? HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME? WAKE UP EDEN…PLEASE!!!!”

But Eden would never wake up again. His floating soul could see Amber collapsed beside his death body. His tears overflowed profusely.

“Yes…I will never leave you, Amber…I promise…”


Day by day, Eden’s soul was always by Amber’s side. His heart broke to tiny pieces to see her shabbier and shabbier. She couldn’t eat or drink. She locked herself inside her room for days. He tried to hug her, tried to stay beside her, whispered to her his comforts, but of course she couldn’t hear anything. He continued to sing lullaby for her during her sleepless night, but she didn’t sleep a blink. He didn’t know his appearance was a factor to suck the life out of her body.

And time flies…

The agony could never heal, but it was buried under layers of daily worries. Amber began to find her smile, though it sometimes didn’t reach her eyes.

Eden was glad, but somehow he was disappointed that his disappearance had no effect on her anymore. He wasn’t by her side unconditionally like he used to be, although he still followed Amber to whenever she went. His halo gradually faded. His slight angriness caused some troubles around Amber. She cut into her finger when sharpened her pencils, tripped over her shoelaces while practicing, etc.

Slowly Eden realized that certain someone always came to her during her hard times. Henry. He took her to SM building to practice. He cooked Chinese food for her. He sang lullaby songs for her when she couldn’t sleep. A grey cloud built up above Eden’s head, replacing his shining halo. He was really angry; who was Henry to be close to Amber? Eden should be the only one. At that same time, Henry suffered all the hatred of the world. He was talented, but sasaeng fans kept throwing heavy insults at him. He mentally broke down, but he never gave up. Eden swore he would never give up on Amber, too.

Then one day Eden saw Henry standing beside her door, waiting for her after long training hours, right at his place. He saw Henry hold her hand, whisper to her how wonderful she was, and how deep he was in love with her. Eden saw her bursting into a pretty shade of red, and shyly nodded.

So she loved that Canadian?

She left him even though he had been here by her side all the time, through ups and downs?

She left him even though she promised not to?

Eden was furious. A fire was fuming over his head. His eyes were clouded with darkness. Amber was such a betrayer. She didn’t deserve his love and his sacrifice. She deserved death.

Eden could no longer control himself. He wanted to kill those two betrayers. God told him that if he killed them, he would never be reincarnated and his soul would dissolve to nothingness. But he didn’t care! Without Amber remembering him, why should he exist?

Amber whispered something to Henry, and they, holding hands, took a taxi to go somewhere. Eden would smash the taxi into a truck. They would die, and suffer his deep dolor right now.

Just when he was about to do that, he heard Amber saying:

“Eden would be happy for us, right?”

A tear rolled down her cheek. Her hand which was in Henry’s trembled like crazy.

Henry hugged her tightly. There were tears welling up his eyes too.

“He would, Amber. We struggle to live up to his expectation. He would be happy about this.

I miss him so bad…”

They still remembered him?

They still loved him?

Suddenly darkness in his eyes faded out. He felt lighter than air. Above the rainbow, God was smiling at him.

He stopped right on the edge of evilness. He nearly destroyed two of the most precious people in his life.

God reached out his hand again, and this time, Eden happily took it.

After the end of his life, he set her free.


Spring breezes were playing with their skins. Here standing in front of Eden’s grave were Henry and Amber. Right after Henry confessed to Amber, they went here to share their happiness with their best friend, just like the old time.

“Here in front of you are two composers of SM.

Eden, we are getting closer.”

Because of YOU

/1 step/

/2 steps/

*glance* *got no attention* *back to walking*

/3 steps/

/4 steps/

/5 steps/

*glance again* *met a pair of pretty eyes*

“Do we really need to go to that far for lunch???” The pale boy’s hands motioned crazily. Take note here readers, he didn’t speak out loud. Never would he  be that  normal and obvious. Oh and who was he motioning to? Let’s move your eyesight to the opposite sidewalk.

“No. Just walk to there. No opposition.” The tomboy spoke to Henry through her wriggling eyes. Seeing the Canadian pout and continue his walking obediently, she cracked to a small laugh.

Amber promised to treat him today for completing his Trap promotion (with flying colors – Henry’s words). As much as Snoopy was excited, his mood soon went down when they had to date hang out in Coreanos and Coreanos only, which was like 30 minutes walking from their place. Henry wouldn’t complain if it were not for Amber’s requirement to “be close but not too close”, followed by them walking in 2 opposite sidewalks, like two strangers, much to Henry’s displeasure.



Henry chirped happily as soon as he caught a glimpse of their food. Immediately, he shoved a whole piece of pizza into his mouth.

They were sitting on the floor with a small table in between. This small room of Coreanos was made especially for their gang.  Amber’s back casually leaned on the wall while Henry on the other side had nothing to back up. But he would not complain, not when he practically hardly chew like right now.

Seriously, this kid was no different form a chipmunk with his cheeks puffing to their biggest size and mouth pursing to keep his food from falling out. Besides his lips were some stains of ketchup. After struggling to swallow the piece of pizza, he cracked to his biggest happiest smile.


“Awww kyeoptaaa!!!!” Amber cooed, suddenly trapped his face in her hand, not forget to peck at the ketchup beside his lips.

“Eh?” Henry slowly changed to surprised mode, his small eyes went big to the size of normal ones.

In response, the girl ruffled his hair and kissed his nose tip and pinched his cheeks.

“You are too cute to resist…awww…”

Holding her two hands which were still on his cheeks, Henry pressed them down onto the table.

“Amber ah…”

Before he could finish, she gave him a chaste kiss on the lips, then withdrew her hands to their original place.

“Yes, Snoopy?”

“Don’t do that again.”

“I don’t want to,” she grinned teasingly, hand again pinched his nose “, cutie.”

The Canadian hovered over the table with his face only inches from Amber’s.

“What? You CAN’T do THAT in PUBLIC!!!!!” She screamed, crossed her knife and fork right in front of her lips as a way to protest.

But Henry was much faster. He pressed her “weapons” down, trapped her against the wall, between his arms.

“You trigger it, Stitch.”

His hot smirk was the last thing Amber could see before melting into Henry’s lips.